Welcome Aboard!

If this is the first time you’ve flown Trans Substantiation, there are a couple things you might need to know:

Do not ask your flight attendant about their genitals.

Do not ask your flight attendant about their genitals. It’s rude.

First of all, this is an inclusive space. While this blog is run by a trans woman, by no means is it limited to only AMAB (Assigned Male at Birth) trans people and their perspectives. I hope that all people—whether part of the LGBTQ+ community or not—find something of interest here. Obviously, this blog’s focus is on trans issues, so if you’re wanting to research your fantasy football lineup, this is probably not the place for that. However, there is no barrier to entry into the conversation. All that is required is civility and a willingness to understand. In other words, no scrubs of any gender or sexual orientation will be tolerated. All people are free to create an account, comment, provide feedback etc. If you’re worried about looking like a scrub, take a few minutes to read GLAAD’s Transgender FAQ. GLAAD’s FAQ does a good job of covering a variety of issues related to trans identities, from definitions of certain terms to general etiquette. You can also peruse my “Theory of Everything (So Long as It’s Related to Gender)” for details on my definitions and general outlook on gender-related concepts.

Second, this blog has a few different categories that posts fall into. “About,” the category that this post falls into, is devoted to posts about this blog—how to navigate it, what its purpose is etc. For example, the first post I wrote, “Taking the Why and Turning It Into Something Substantial” belongs to the “About” category. The category “General” is devoted to general trans-related topics being discussed. This category is mostly comprised of shorter posts about a broad range of trans news/issues. “Personal” is dedicated to personal stories or issues related to being trans. Last, but not least, is “Philosophy,” which is intended to house more in-depth conversations about trans topics. My academic background is in philosophy, and given the dearth of philosophical work related to trans identities, I’m hoping to bring my modest abilities to bear on trans issues.

If you have suggestions or feedback that you’d prefer not to publish online, or would like to contact me directly, please feel free to reach out using the “Contact” page.

Again, welcome aboard!

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Galen is just this gal, you know? She's also a philosopher, a writer, a musicer, a designer, a brewer, a cycler, a gayer, and a transer.

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